Frenc Czupp, is an international Master Stylist, with 22 years of experience working in the beauty industry.

Ferenc’s expert skills and a strong background in training and mentoring, have given him the knowledge to be at the top of his field. With service excellence as the standard for his client’s experience, he prides himself on his passion, treating his work as art.
His industry experience is backed up by owning a successful hairstyling business in Hungary, as well as working in high-end salons across Europe. He operated a salon for the Schwarzkopf Professional brand as well as completing several contracts with L’Oréal Professional. In addition to working as a hairstylist, Ferenc has over 10 years of experience as an instructor and examiner at vocational schools in Hungary. This enabled Ferenc to mentor and train students.
With a wide range of international experience and his dedication to his clients, he provides not only an excellent hairstyle but an excellent client experience as well. “Our profession is not just about hair shapes and colours, but how we can find and best express the complex individuality of our guests to feel better after each visit.”
Ferenc’s other passions include travelling to learn about new cultures and history, supporting the arts, reading books and hiking through nature.