The Shag

The 70’s Strong as ever, this layered and dishevelled look would be great for long Hair like Hailey Bieber’s haircut or shorter hair. A classic or authentic shag has choppy layers, fringe bangs, a centre part and lots of volume on top.

Jaw-length bobs

Whether it’s jaw-length with a fringe or chin-length with a middle part, the bob will be big in 2022 — and the shorter, the better. Another similar hairstyle trending this year is the Bixie cut, a bob and a pixie combination.

Low Layers

The modern Rachel cut, 2022, is all about medium-length and longer styles that need less maintenance and appear soft, wispy, and slightly more polished in texture; we’re bringing back ’70s styles but adding a modern twist.

The Mixie

The mixie is a marriage of a shorter version of the mullet, with a pixie haircut, It’s effectively a short pixie, but all the edges are longer, which lends a much softer look. It can work on straight, wavy or curly hair.


Whether it’s a bottleneck or grown-out curtain bang, it remains a strong trend in 2022. A Fringe is a perfect way to update a new look, add a youthful quality to your face by making it appear smaller or diminish any imperfections.



This technique will have everyone saying, “That’s hot”. The double process blonde will be big in 2022. “Base and highlights“ all the way, which create the most beautiful tones and colour effects.


The warm golden pink tints of the famous metal – copper – inspire a whole range of red hair hues we refer to as coppers. From stars like Ariel Winter from Modern family, and Gigi Hadid, coppers are all the rage.


2022 will be the year that curled hair colour thrives. Highlighted curls come with the fear of damaging the delicate strands and losing the curl pattern. With Davines hair Lightener (Progress) both can be achieved. It’s easy to get lost in all that movement and volume, so when hand-painting highlights, keep the placement simple: Choose the curls you want to pop and paint them as you want to see them.”

Sustainable Fashion Trends

As you all know or may not, one of our core values at MHG is sustainability. We take great pride in the many initiatives we have implemented. We partnered with unique B-Corp brands such as Davines, Evo, and Union Environmental. It’s so great to hear that the fashion industry is also making great strides in the pursuit of a more carbon-free emissions world. Here are some names that we recognized were at the top of their game.

It’s so great to hear that the fashion industry is also making great strides in the pursuit of a more carbon-free emissions world. Here are some names that we recognized were at the top of their game.


Nordeen – Montreal

A sustainable approach to outerwear. Repurposed waste, Recycled materials are essential tools for everyone in every industry. They use them to improve how outerwear is made, how business is run, and how all of us are living.

TAMGA-Aurora Ontario

Designs that prove how colourful and exciting sustainable fashion
can be, serving up gorgeous, flowy designs that will glide you into warmer weather with poise
and grace. TAMGA offers a range of tops, skirts, dresses, and accessories made from 100%
Micro Tencel, a new fibre that is spun into fabric.

The Good Tee

Their vision is “We want to Humanize the Fashion Industry.” A certified B Corporation that actively supports Fairtrade standards in fashion. They contribute to the U.N Sustainable Development Goals. Positively impact the environment making each purchase a guilt-free experience.

Morphine, Italy

Morphine is an innovative brand-slash-retailer based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. It sells one-of-a-kind vintage designer items by customizing and reassembling clothing, fabrics, and yarn from vintage stock and leftovers across the Italian supply chain.

Marine Serre, France

This French brand hinges on repurposing vintage fabrics into new garments. Using the old to make new is futurism a way to live, a way to act, and a way to get inspired.

Chopova Lowena, Britain

Working between Bulgaria and Britain gives Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena an advantage. The pair find vintage tablecloths and tartan taffetas in both countries, using them as a base for their eclectic dresses and skirts. They also collect certain textiles and make limited-edition pieces.

Yuima Nakazato, Japan

Yuima, an atelier from Tokoyo, sourced fabrics made from upcycled leathers, organic cotton, laces, and linens. She hand-dyed these fabrics with natural Japanese indigo ( a process called Aizome). She combined a traditional kimono textile, with a plant-based synthetic inspired by spider silk.

Bode, America- New York

When Emily Adams Bode burst onto the menswear scene in 2017 with her upcycled quilted jackets, the boyish shape and the nod to craft resonated instantly. She took quilts, clothes, linens, tablecloths and blankets and designed men’s wear. She’s since introduced a tailoring shop in New York, where customers can bring items to be repaired or preserved. They believe clothing can last for generations!