Dear valued guests, we can undoubtedly say that 2021 was a challenging road; we were all pushed to our limits, and the journey was long and arduous. If not for your continued support and loyalty, we would have had a difficult time of it. So, as we come into 2022, we look forward to a better future, that will undoubtedly be full of life and happiness.

This year we are thrilled to announce, Mosaic Hair Group’s 25th anniversary…. 2022 MHG Strong.

In recognition of our accomplishment this year, we will be offering exciting promotions and incentives to show how important you are to our overall success. We would like to start the year off with our…

V.I.P. program

Existing clients who have been with us 5 years or more continue to receive 15% off all retail purchases. We can’t disregard our new clients who have been with us for over a year will receive 10% off all retail purchases!

Refer a Friend

“The best compliment is a referral” When you REFER your friends & family, receive 15% off your next service & a complimentary at-home hair spa treatment. 25th Anniversary: “Gift With Post. ” Post your best wishes & experiences on M.H.G. – Facebook, Instagram. & Google during your service & you will receive an M.H.G. customized gift & mini hair product upon your departure just by showing your post.