We’ve made it mid-way through winter, so we can all start breathing easy because warm weather is on the horizon. We can start to look forward to spring and of course all the changes in our grooming, beauty routines and closets. Although we still have a few weeks of snow to get through, we thought it was the perfect time to start talking about spring and summer 2020 trends.

For spring and summer 2020 trends, it’s all about bringing back the past with big influences from the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. We recently held our annual MHG Palooza, a 2-day team building and educational off-site, where we covered beauty and style trends for spring and summer 2020. Staying up to date on style and beauty trends is a key part of our business and instrumental in how we service our clients.

Whether you’re looking to update your look with a new haircut or a spring fever shopping spree, we’ve rounded up all our favourite beauty and style spring/summer 2020 trends as inspiration to get you ready for the seasons ahead.

Hair Styling Trends

The Rounded Undercut

Think Demi Moore in Ghost. Yes, the rounded undercut (a.k.a. the mushroom cut) is totally back for spring/summer and Charlize Theron out here to prove it! This was the it-hair of the 90’s and with the decade taking over trends, it was only a matter of time before the rounded undercut made its way back on the scene.

Genderless Coiffs

Celebs like Kristen Stewart and Tilda Swinton are showing us just how chic (and easy) genderless coiffs can be. The goal is to create a style that doesn’t appear masculine or feminine and can be worn beautifully by anyone.

Shaggy Layers

Groovy baby! One of the biggest cuts you’ll see this year is the shag. This easy to manage style is for those with lots of hair who want layers to thin it out without losing length, and works on long and short hair!

French Girl Lob

Everyone loves a good lob, but this year for 2020 it’s all about Parisian chic with the french girl lob. The bob haircut is such a classic look that works year after year. For spring/summer 2020 it’s all about adding texture and layers for effortless styling. Just like with makeup and style trends when it comes to hair, less is more!

Beachy Hair

Living your best mermaid life is not over, because beach waves and laid back braids are continuing their reign for spring/summer 2020! The perfect style to complete your festival looks and help beat the heat, it’s all about laid back waves and messy braids that have loads of texture.

Make A Bang

Bangs are a commitment but we think it’s one you should totally make for spring/summer 2020. We’re seeing bangs make their way onto bobs, shags and blunt haircuts to add a bit of edge while framing the face. Curtain bangs are also making a huge comeback with the retro revival, made famous by french actress Brigitte Bardot back in the 60’s.


2019 was a big year for hair accessories like barrettes, and with that came the comeback of the scrunchie and headband. Don’t go packing them away though because they’re here to stay for spring/summer 2020. Hair accessories are a great way to style your hair with little effort, or add a finishing touch to your look.

Hair Colour Trends

Shades Of Bronde

Not sure if you want to go blonde, or brunette? Well thankfully a spring/summer 2020 trend for hair is doing something in between! Bronde is a colour technique where blonde and brunette are combined together to create a natural sunkissed look. It’s a colour that matches all skin tones and can be done in warmer or cooler tones depending on your preference.

Almost Back Is The New Black

A big trend from the 90’s that is making its way back to salons for spring/summer 2020 is dark sultry hair. A lot of people are rocking black and almost black tones which gives hair a shinier and fuller look. If you already have dark hair going for a boost with a gloss is a great way to deepen your tone and add richness to your colour.

Strawberry Blonde

Blondes never go out of style, but if you’re looking to switch it up a bit for this upcoming season, strawberry blonde is undoubtedly taking over spring/summer 2020 trends. It’s a fun way for blondes to switch up their look without straying too far away from what they know.

Icy Tones

Icy blondes are no stranger to hair colour trends, but for spring/summer 2020 it’s not just blondes that are freezing over. While we’re seeing a lot of icy and smokey blonde tones this upcoming season, darker colours are also going towards ashy steel tones too.

Subtle Dimension

Whether you’re new to colouring your hair or looking for something closer to your natural colour, adding subtle dimension to your colour with highlights or a balayage is a great option. This spring/summer 2020 hair colour trend is all about minimal upkeep and elevating the natural dimension in your hair.

Style Trends

Retro Baby

The 60’s and 70’s are ruling for spring/summer 2020! Hot pants, vests,flared bottoms and disco collars are your go-to looks for the season. So get ready to unleash your inner boho child or disco queen!

All About Texture

The colder months shouldn’t be the only season that textures take centre stage. For spring/summer 2020 the trendsetters agree with us and we’re seeing textures like crochet, leather and feathers as big wardrobe stables.

Bold Colours & Patterns

Spring and summer trends are all about having fun with colours and this year it’s going even bolder. Neon greens, bright corals and bold patterns are everywhere for spring/summer 2020 from accessories to dresses.