Luisa has graced her love of the beauty industry for the past 35 years and continues to exude her passion, knowledge, and experience as MHG’s Salon Operations Manager.

Her journey in the beauty industry has made a full circle starting as a licensed hairstylist, hair school director, make-up artist, entrepreneur, trainer, and the Professional & Business Development manager for the global beauty company L’Oreal.

Luisa continues to share her experiences, knowledge and expertise as a Coach, Mentor and Advisor through her consulting business.  Luisa’s goal is to ultimately create professional behavior and develop every individual to their highest potential!  Luisa’s motto:     NO LIMITS…. TO DEVELOP…. TO SUCCEED!

Luisa feels a life balance between personal and professional is key.  On her off-time she loves spending time at her home in Niagara and cooking traditional Italian soul food for her family.  Luisa’s family means the world to her, especially her little man JJ which is her grandson!